To Be Determined

The first post on a blog is always one of the hardest ones because it’s not like you can point back to a prior post to re-engage your audience. So, you dwell on it for days, months, and even years… then one day, you’re eating a taco and it all becomes clear…

Let’s be real – few of us will ever have a transcending revelation over tacos, sadly, however many of us will let ourselves be paralyzed over a blank page, blank canvas, or anything that requires a leap of courage to move forward.

So, I’m taking that leap and getting rid of my empty spaces…. because really, when was the last time you went all the way back to the beginning of a blog? Yea, thought so – wait, I’m not sure who I’m even addressing except myself…

First paint stroke completed – here’s to completing the self-portrait of words and not letting fear keep my thoughts frozen in my fingertips.

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